At the heart of this model is the belief that we can deliver better service if we, as a sector, collaborate and coordinate our efforts. In everything we do, from how we welcome clients, to our referral processes, to how we pool together resources, if we are easy to find and act as a network, our clients will feel supported and cared for by the service system and the community. When service providers work together the potential to deliver radically better service is within our reach.

The Linker Network Tool

The Linker Network model has designed a number of interdependent ‘enablers’ which create the following positive experiences for clients:

Think like a Linker From the client’s perspective, we are interconnected services of the Linker Network.
Warm handover Clients are both directed to the next service as well as supported in the transition, they are followed up on to make sure they got what they needed, and will tell us when they are ready for us to let go.
Only tell your story once Clients don’t have to repeat their story to everyone they meet. Together we’ll build a shared understanding of our client’s situation, context, and history.
No wrong door Continuity for the client means when they walk through the front door of one Linker organisation it is equal to and feels like they are walking through the front door of all Linker organisations.
Every interaction is a high point Clients feel that each interaction is positive, so they are encouraged to come back and recommend us.
Services are flexible to meet all needs Clients ensure they can get the right support at the right time. The Network supports us to be flexible in the way we respond to clients needs.
Begin by listening Clients are treated like people, not paper. We don’t let our processes dehumanise what we do.

Collectively, all the components of the model help to enact and enable a radically improved experience for our clients. This could translate into significant improvements for people seeking support from community services.