If you’re involved in work that supports vulnerable people in our community we want you to join your local Linker Network!

As a member of the Linker Network your organisation can get access and support in the use of the Linker Network model for multi-provider collaboration, including the Toolkit (how-to-manual), tools and resources.

These currently include:

  • Common training and induction for all members
  • Common branding: to help clients find you
  • A framework for coordinating multi-provider client support
  • A framework for shared brokerage
  • A framework for meaningful and effective collaborative practice
  • Shared local communication tools
  • Commitment to a set of common principles and standards
  • Development of a customer service culture
  • Development of a common welcome approach
  • Common ‘Linker’ referral tools and methodologies

If you receive targeted early intervention (TEI) funding from FACS you will be currently involved in the FACS TEI reform. You’ll see that the Linker Network aligns to the Reform principles of meeting client needs; working in partnership with NGOs; joint service design and delivery; an integrated service system; being outcomes focused; and building sector capacity. This close alignment makes the Linker Network an important part of FACS Western Sydney Nepean Blue Mountains District’s response to the TEI Reform, and takes a lot of the guess work out of how service providers can adapt to the change.

Your organisation’s FACS Commissioning and Planning Officer (CPO) can talk to you about joining the Linker Network and how it can fit into your TEI negotiations and transition plans.

Non FACS Funded Organisations: You don’t need to be a FACS funded service to be a member of the Linker Network, you just need to be willing to work collaboratively with other community service providers in your local area, commit to the shared membership requirements, and participate in local Practice Collaboration meetings.

Once you have submitted a membership form you will be contacted by one of the Linker Network Coordination Team members, who will send you a ‘Welcome Pack’ and talk to you about next steps, including, induction, training and coaching to assist you become a fully active member of Linker Network.

As a member of the Linker Network your organisation must commit to:

  • Upholding the common principles and standards of the Linker Network
  • Send staff to attend Linker Network common training and induction
  • Integrate the Linker Network enablers into any internal staff training and induction programs
  • Display the Linker Network logo so people can find you
  • Participate in coordinated multi-provider client support where and where appropriate
  • Participate in a local collaborative practice meetings (four meetings per year)
  • Commit to fostering and upholding a culture of customer service
  • Adhere to the principles of the Linker Network Common Welcome Approach
  • Use local ‘Linker’ tools & methodologies to enhance collaboration between member organisations
  • Provide feedback to the Linker Network on what is working well and what needs improvement
  • Work proactively and constructively with Linker Network members to promote and enhance the overall effectiveness of the Network.

The Linker Network needs champions at every level. If you are as passionate as we are about seeing this work succeed, but you don’t think your boss is convinced, try some of these compelling arguments:


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