Why is this important?

We all feel good when we’re greeted with a warm, caring hello. It starts the experience on a positive note, making you more receptive to receiving help, more likely to come back, and more likely to recommend that person/service to others. We genuinely have a better experience.

Members of the Linker Network are committed to providing people with a welcoming experience every time they access a service. It is critical to not only delivering a great service experience, but ensures people are highly engaged so they won’t fall through the gaps in our system.

When we can do this consistently, clients will feel both safe and encouraged to engage in the next step of support. Importantly, they will be more likely to return and follow up on agreed actions.

What is this?

An ‘always welcome’ investment in staff training and supervision that contributes to a strong ‘customer service’ culture – clients feel listened to, not assessed. Workers are supported to adopt a ‘people not paper’ approach, focusing on building understanding and rapport with clients, and acting like a Linker to support them if necessary.

What is this not?

Lip service assumption that everyone knows how to be ‘nice’. An ‘always welcome’ approach should feel person-centred, not appointment-centred.


Familiarise yourself with the case study and the essential points of contact where the ‘Always Welcome’ Approach principles are demonstrated (see page 64 pf the Toolkit).

Complete an ‘Always Welcome’ Organisation self assessment to identify what, if any, areas can be improved within your organisation.

Check with your Local Linker Network Practice Collaboration colleagues to find out of there are any specific ‘always welcome’ initiatives currently being used in your area.

Plan to review and repeat your ‘Always Welcome’ Organisation self assessment activity on an annual basis.