Why is this important?

There are already many service providers working in a highly client-focused, flexible and collaborative way. Despite this, there is no consistency across the system, so a key goal for the Linker Network is to create this consistency – so people, families and communities receive equally responsive services wherever they go.

To achieve this we need service providers working together in a structured, highly collaborative way.

What is this?

Managers meeting regularly to agree on how to achieve consistency across multiple organisations.

Meaningful collaboration, that results in better outcomes for people in our community, is dependent on consistent and clear communication between service providers. To ensure this happens, the Linker Network requires members to establish and/or participate in a Local Linker Network collaborative practice meetings. These meetings are designed to embed collaboration and communication between services providers in the Network, and to allow members to hold each other accountable for upholding the principles and realising the goals fo the Network.

Local Linker Network Collaborative Practice Meetings determine local implementation of the Linker Network model and are supported by the central Linker Network Coordination Team.

What is this not?

More info share or navel gazing.


Contact the Linker Network Coordination Team to determine which is the best local Collaborative Practice Meeting for you to join.

Speak with a member of the Coordination Team or the nominated representative of your Local Linker Network’s Collaborative Practice Meetings to receive an introduction and induction.

Attend and actively participate in meetings.
Check here for upcoming meeting dates.

Implement agreed local collaboration strategies within your organisation.
Check here to find minutes from previous meetings.