Why is this important?

We can ensure that clients are not lost at critical moments. Clients should feel confident that the people helping them are all working together, and feel like the help makes sense for them and adds value to their lives. To deliver this for clients, we must ensure that multi-service provider interventions are delivered in an efficient and effective way.

What is this?

Coordinated Client Support is an intentional and proactive approach by services providers (one or more) to achieve better outcomes for a family or client by ensuring that the help and services they receive are provided in a coordinated way.

Key moments of support require co-ordination – such as creating an initial care plan or when agencies decline a referral. If co-ordination occurs at these moments, we can decrease the likelihood that a child or family will drop out of the system, increase the utility of our services together, and get better efficiencies in our services.

What is this not?

It is not the status quo. It is not an assumption that coordination is someone else’s responsibility.


Identify when more than one organisation or agency is working with a client (typically found in a client’s Linker Network Plan, or on their shared client data management profile).

With client permission, take proactive steps to contact the other organisations/agencies and talk through the Co-ordinated Client Support guidelines.