Why is this important?

It is important that people’s service experience is consistently positive. We know that clients who receive a positive experience when accessing a service are significantly more likely to remain engaged in support and recommend that service to a friend or family member.

A Network with a strong culture of great customer service helps clients feel their time spent with services is rewarding and worthwhile. Critically, it ensures clients remain engaged until the desired outcomes have been achieved.

What is this?

Customer Service refers to the extent to which the services offered by an organisation meets or surpasses the expectations of their clients. Organisations that make customer service a high priority are statistically proven to engage and retain clients much better than those who neglect it.

What is this not?

It is not an expectation that workers must do anything and everything a client asks or expects. It’s not being artificially happy or insincere.


Familiarise yourself with the ‘Things organisations who deliver great customer service do’ on Page 18 of in Section 2 of the Toolkit.

Complete a ‘Customer Service’ organisation self assessment (available in the tool box on this page) to identify what, if any, areas can be improved within your organisation.

Check with your Local Linker Network Collaborative colleagues to find out of there are any specific ‘customer service culture’ initiatives currently being used in your area.

Plan to review and repeat your ‘Customer Service’ Organisation self assessment activity on an annual basis.