Why is this important?

This plan gives control back to clients, giving them a template to clearly describe their unique situation so that the right services are tailored for them. It means frontline workers focus services to the stated needs of clients (in the plan), rather than unintentionally directing clients towards predetermined services. For clients it will give them greater control and confidence in expressing their needs, and better understanding of support options available to them within the service system.

The experiences that we aim to create through Linker Network Plan are:

  • Only tell your story once
  • Services to meet needs

What is this?

The Linker Network Plan is an optional tool that anyone can use to help a client better understand their own needs and match those to support options within the service system. A simple (ideally one-page) plan, co-authored by the client that describes the client’s most important goals in their own words, which they can choose whether or not to share with other providers.

What is this not?

A case plan or any other individual plan.


Read through page 54 of the Toolkit to familiarise yourself with the process of creating a Linker Network Plan.

Use the Liker Network Plan template provided in the toolkit in a conversation with a client. Refer to pages 56-57 of the Toolkit for more guidance