We all want clients to feel supported, assisted and empowered on their ‘service’ journey. But clients are telling us, loudly and clearly, it is hard to find the right services, and once ‘in the system’, find it frustrating and difficult to navigate.

The Linker Network is a new way of working for the sector – designed to improve the lives of the people in our community in tangible ways, by helping the sector work better together.

We all know every client is different and so their experience in accessing and receiving services should be different, not uniform or linear. People should be able to engage any organisation and be guided to the services they need with as much or as little help as they require. Each case is different, so different steps must be taken. This is what the Linker Network has set out to do – create a model that foster connections and collaboration in service of a radically improved experience for clients.

The Linker Network model comprises the components needed to create this new experience. It is a practical, flexible service approach that can be tailored to your context – organisation and clients. It is therefore up to you (and your organisation) to decide which parts of the Linker Network model work for you and will help create a consistent, positive experience for your clients.