Why is this important?

Integrating existing systems and/or implementing new systems across the Network, will create greater efficiencies and make it easier for workers to do their jobs effectively. Critically, however, we make it easier for our clients to get the support they need and create a smoother and less onerous experience for them.

When we do this well clients will have a much more seamless experience in the system, and will feel relief that they do not have to keep sharing the same information and retell the same stories over and over again.

What is this?

System sharing between organisations generates increased inter-organisational communication; supports interagency networks to meet client outcomes, focusing on planning for services which best meet client outcomes based on complexity of supports.

The Linker Network is committed to supporting the introduction of a shared client data management system for all service providers in the Network. However, last the time the Department of Family and Community Services have no plans to facilitate this happening, but hopefully it may happen in the future.

What is this not?

A fancy technology solution that will fix everyone’s problems. Nor is it another administrative burden that detracts from good face-to-face work with clients.


Until the Linker Network, together with FACS, is able to provide access to a shared client data management system, we invite all Local Linker Networks (LLN) to use their own initiative and collective wisdom to identify and collaborate on the use of interim solutions.

Attend your LLN Practice Collaboration Meetings

Work with other service providers in your LLN to identify and agree in new shared systems that can be adopted and used within your Local Linker Network.

Implement and use the agreed new shared systems within your organisation.